Google + App Setup


  • This document provides instructions on how to properly setup a Google+ application so that users can log in/register via Google on your site.

Enabling API

  • To allow users to log in to your site with their Google+ account you need to create a Google+ project and enable Google+ API. To enable API and create new Google+ project please do the following:

  • Log in with your Google account and go to the developer console website:

  • Click the “Enable and manage APIs”

Go to Social APIs – Google+ API

Enable Google + API

Creating a new project and adding credentials

Enter the project details in the pop-up that appears and click the “create” button

  • Go to Credentials sidebar and add credentials OAuth Client ID

Which API are you using – Google+ API

Where you will be calling the API from – Web Browser


Create client ID



  • After the client ID is created you will see some information appear on the page

  • Copy and paste the Client ID and Client Secret into the Google+ tab on the Settings>Site Settings > Social Login page to connect your site to your App.