CryptoKing – Live Feed Crypto Currency Script with Subscriptions


CryptoKing – Top 10 Features List

CryptoKing is a Live Feed Cryptocurrency script built on Laravel and Vue Js. The Buyer can easily make money by Google Adsense and In-built subscriptions managed by Stripe and RazorPay.

  • Google Adsense integrated – earn money immediately.
  • Real time trade feed.
  • 2000+ crypto currencies.
  • Recurring Payments (Stripe and Razorpay).
  • Multi theme support (6 themes + upcoming themes).
  • Dynamic multi lingual system – Launch your site in your favorite language.
  • Crypto Quotes, Videos & News with RSS feed.
  • Voyager Admin Panel.
  • Social logins & Social Activity.
  • SEO with rich snippet support.

Site Settings Module
You can easily change the Site Logo, Favicon, SEO Details and many other settings.

Payment Gateway Settings Module
Add your Stripe and RazorPay Settings easily in admin. No need to touch the code.

Language Settings Module
Add your language strings and make the site live in any language.

Social Settings Module
Add your Facebook, Google secrete keys for social logins into the system.

Ad Settings Module
Get Google Adsense code and paste into the Ad Settings, Ads will display on the site.

Theme Settings Module
Admin can set the desired theme from 6 pre-build themes.

Users Module
List all your users registered in the site.

All coins data and prices are based on CryptoCompare API

Multiple Themes Module

CryptoKing comes with 6 varieties for themes and a future ready setup for upcoming themes. You can select your favourite theme and go live in seconds.

Multi Language Module

Users can switch the site into any language, Admin has a privilege to add any language. Ex: English, French, German…etc.,

Live Trade Feeds Module

CryptoKing will fetch the live data of coins from over 90 cryptocurrency exchanges.

Multi Currency Module

Cryptoking supports more than 2000+ Currencies. Right from Bitcoin to Ripple.

Detailed Charts Module

Sparkline, line, bar and many other charts are available to pull the coins data hourly, daily and weekly.

Coin Information Module

CryptoKing provides detailed information for each coin like Summary, website, key numbers, historical quotes.

Google Adsense Module

CryptoKing fully integrated to with Google Adsense. Admin can add ad code and can start earning in seconds.

Crypto Currency Calculator Module

CryptoKing has the ability to see the crypto coin value in any currency like USD to AUD…etc.,

Affiliate Links Module

Earn extra money besides Google Adsense with Changelly. You can add links at admin end.

Installation Module

Install the script in less than 5 min. Thanks to easy installation setup of CryptoKing. We provide Free Installation too.

Currency Calculator Module

Convert any currency into any currency at live rate.

Trending Coins Module

The site will pull the trending coins based on the market cap.

SEO Module

CryptoKing is SEO optimized and compatible for RICH SNIPPETS. Your URLs looks pretty on Social Networks.

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