Create an account on Twitter

Go to Twitter and log in or sign up for an account you would use for development.

It is recommended to create a separate account for your twitter application. Especially if you are applying for enhancing your business, for creating a bot or a web-hosted app.

Signup Twitter

Apply for access

  • Go to and click on Apply
  • Add the necessary info accordingly. It may include, your country, and your account name.
  • Select Doing Something Else in the Other section when Twitter asks you the reason for using developer tools and then click on Next

Click on Accept under Developer Agreement, tick on the checkbox at the bottom and click Submit Application.

step for creating developer account on twitter

Verify the email sent to you by Twitter for verification and Wait for 24 hours as Twitter reviews your application and sends you an email.

Confirm Your Email

If everything went well, you show have access to a Twitter Developer Account. Here create an app on Projects $ Apps.


After App Successfully creation is done you can click on  Settings  -> User authentication settings


Here Select OAuth 2.0 and fill in all required fields below. Select Type of App

Callback URI / Redirect URL :

Website URL :

Why multiple Callback URI / Redirect URL?

Because Skuid can be deployed in a variety of contexts within Salesforce, the data returned by your external systems may need to go to one of three URLs to be parsed by Skuid. Those three different deployment contexts, and their associated callback URLs forms, are:

Since many OAuth applications allow you to enter more than one callback URL, we always recommend entering all three of your callback URLs to ensure Skuid can retrieve data however it may be deployed within your org.


If the app is successfully created Click on Keys and Tokens, you will see keys. You will need to copy the API id and API Key and add them to the Application Settings -> Social login settings page.