This plugin helps to create tours/packages using Simontaxi – Vehicle Booking Plugin. booking & reservation (tours, adventure tours, sightseeing tours, day trips, & more).

Plugin Features:

  • Admin can create “N” number of tours available with his vehicles
  • Price settings for each vehicle. Fixed Price OR Price Calculation based on Distance.
  • Driver Charges included.
  • Detailed settings for tour
    • Title Settings: The way to display this tour in frontend
    • Location Settings: Complete Itinerary
    • Gallery: Images for tour. These images will display in front as gallery.
    • Features: All other information about tour.
  • Separate sidebar while displaying a tour.
  • Tours display widget.
  • Fixed tour OR customized tour
  • Customer/User can select “N” number of routes for customized tour.

Once you install the plugin you can find Tours Menu Item with title “All Tours”:


Click on “All Tours” link then you can find all created tours if already created OR click on “Add New” Button to create new Tour. Admin Can Create tour with different Options:

Title Settings:

  • Subtitle: Subtitle for the tour. Eg: 4 Nights, Romantic Tour, Adventure Tour etc.
  • Display Itinerary (Front End): Whether to display the itinerary in front end OR not
  • Itinerary Column Width (Front End): If above option “Yes”. What will be the column width? Here we are using bootstrap columns.
  • Itinerary Column Title (Front End): Column title
  • Display Features (Front End): Admin can enter the features OR information about the tour in different headings. This option tells that whether the features entered by the admin display in front end OR not.
  • Features Column Width (Front End): If above option “Yes” the column width (Bootstrap) to display.
  • Features Column Title (Front End): Title to display.
  • Minimum Notice In Days: How advanced can book for the tour. Suppose if it is 2 days, then system will accept the booking 2 days later date only from the current date.
  • Maximum Notice In Days: How many months in advance user can book for tour.
  • Terms & Conditions: Terms & Conditions Page
  • Page Layout: Admin can select Page Layout from the list. “Right Sidebar”, “Left Sidebar” and “No Sidebar”

Location Settings:

Admin can set the locations for the tour. Admin can enter complete itinerary. Admin can add “N” number of locations.

  • Pickup point: the location where it starts (Starting Point)
  • Drop-off point: Where it stops
  • Description Title: This is useful while displaying the tour in front end itinerary.
  • Description: Complete description.
  • Calculate the return fare also?: If this option “Yes” then the system will calculate the display from last point to the initial point.

Eg: If admin set the tour from A -> B, B -> C, C -> D. IF the this option says “Yes” then while calculating distances system will calculate the distance from D -> A at end of the trip and adds the Distance to the total distance.

  • Customer can customize route?: If the option says “Yes” customer can customize the route, he can change the tour route.


Admin can enter what are features of the tour. Admin can add “N” number of features.

  • Title: Title of the feature. Eg: Inclusions, exclusions, Payment Policy, Cancellation policy etc.
  • Description: Description about the feature.


Admin can add “N” number of images from the tour and can re-arrange them once he add to the gallery.