Taxi Booking Mobile App for SimonTaxi WordPress Theme. Mobile App is compatible for both Android and IOS.

Available for Android and IOS with the latest version of Ionic(3.9.2) and Angular 5. The One and Only Mobile App with Complete Booking Functionality and fully compatible with WordPress Theme.

SimonTaxi Mobile App Test Users Login

End User:
User Name:
Password: 123456789

User Name:
Password: 123456789




Driver App Features:

Bookings Module: Just one click to confirm, Start ride and Cancel bookings.

All Bookings: All Bookings shows Driver bookings with date and Time.

New Bookings: Driver manage new bookings easily. New bookings comes to Driver with Mail and Push notifications.

Confirmed Bookings: Driver confirm new bookings with single click. all Confirmed bookings are listed in dashboard with count.

On Ride Bookings: After confirmation of new booking, Customer and Driver On Ride. Driver manage On ride Bookings from Dashboard.

Completed Bookings: Completed bookings shows successful rides. Driver gets successful rides, Payment details.

Cancelled Bookings: Bookings cancelled by Driver or Admin. Cancelled bookings notifies the Driver and Customer through mail and push notifications.

One Signal Push Notifications One signal is leading in push notification service in Mobile and wen applications, we have integrated the this for Driver. When Driver changes the Status of booking, the customer will receive push notification to his registered mobile.



SimonTaxi – List of Modules Vehicles Module: The admin can able to manage all the vehicles here, we can list the vehicle by name, features, type, location, hourly package, lay out date, special fare date, distance price , coupon code and published date. There are robust features while adding vehicles.

Locations Module: When you’re going to point to point services, it is very important to add our services providing areas, so Here admin can able to admin multiple locations,which are available for P2P booking ,like we say , Place X – Place Y.

Hourly Package Module: Here we can create Package Names for Hourly Booking Service, We can keep some hours count to each package.Let’s say: Golden Hours = 10H Package, Offer Hours = 20H Package like that. So that end user will book any package.

Lay out Date Module: This is an excellent feature in the system, lets say we have heavy inventory, if admin wants to disable any Vehicle for certain period of time, he can do that, if any vehicles are damaged or sent for service, admin can block them not show on the search list.

Special fare Module: We got covered to have a special fare increase for any particular day, the admin can set the value in number and also in percentile, lets say, on Christmas, you can hike the fare by 10% or decrease the fare by 10 %.

Distance Price Module: Set price for minimum and maximum distances, ex, you can keep $10 for 1KM – 5KM and 5KM – 10KM, is 20$ like that.

Settings Module: Settings is one more awesome module, where admin can set General things, Optional Fields, currencies, payment gateways, Taxes, Additional charges, billing, permissions and many more.

Coupon Codes Module: Coupons are available weapons for business growth, we designed this module to increase the conversions, admin can set the coupon code for value or percentile, there is a provision for coupon validity period also.

Manage Bookings: Admin Can Manage the Bookings daily, he can view all the booking details in this module.

Lazy Loading: Loading list of items, like vehicles, bookings by lazy loading.

Social Sharing: Simon Taxi allows share app to others by Whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail etc.

The SimonTaxi Mobile App will be best suited for travel agencies, cab services, taxi agencies, auto rickshaw agencies, limos, radio taxis, rental car agencies, hackney carriage, coaches, minicabs agencies, taxi-bus services, hybrid taxi providers, transport services.

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