Simontaxi – Vehicle Booking Round Trip Plugin enabled to offer Outstation Round Trip vehicle services for your customers where a traveler starts and ends his vehicle trip in the same city where he/she started from.

This is useful to those who are looking forward to a nice Weekend or doing official travel, whether there is a family function or planning an Adventurous Trip with family/friends.


  • Separate fare settings for round trip
  • Support driver late night charges if it is more than a day
  • Admin can choose late night timings as their wish


Step 1: Visit the “Vehicles -> Add New” it will display a page to enter vehicle details. There you will find “Round-Trip Settings” tab.

Step 2: Enter your prices like Basic Distance, Basic Price, Price per Standard Unit Distance. Optionally enter “Driver Night Charges” if any and choose “Driver Charges Timings” That’s it, then start booking front end

Note: This is a custom Plugin for SimonTaxi WordPress theme

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